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Important Information

Do you provide food for my child?

Yes! After you enroll your child, you will receive more information about the things you need to send along with your child based on the week. A menu of lunches and special themed snacks will be sent out with this list. If there are any allergies you MUST report this on your child's registration form. We will accommodate accordingly.

What type of training do the counselors receive?

Each of our counselors have many years of experience working with children. Specifically for this camp, they all will have active CPR and First Aid Certification. If you wish to know more about the individual experience/ recommendations of our staff feel free to reach out and we will happily provide whatever information!

What is the Staff to Student Ratio?

We will always have a 1:4 teacher to student ratio while on our adventures together! 

How does Curious Cub Den Leaders handle unwanted behaviors or work through big feelings?

We are firm believers in the "reset center." We will take the opportunity to work through strong emotions children have and work to find what helps your child work through their emotions best. If the big feelings need their own space, we will guide your child to the reset center where we can help your child through some body calming exercises and play. When they are ready, we will rejoin our den. If dangerous behaviors are displayed, we will reach out to you to figure out a behavior management plan. The driving program requires good listeners & kind friends while out and about!

How can 2-8 year olds be together?

During the morning learning lessons, we will divide into our two classes: Teddy Bears (2-4 years old) and Grizzlies (5-8). The lessons and crafts will be tailored to each age range and then we will come together for our adventure. This is a great chance for littles to become more independent and follow the leads of our older kids, and the older kids to learn how to be gentle and kind with smaller kids.

Last summer we had 1-8 year olds and the bonds and friendship that formed between all ages in that group was truly so special. Peer led learning is an important value we have at Curious Cub Childcare and we will encourage the age groups to mix throughout the day. 

How will my child be transported around?

The counselors will be responsible for driving the kids on daily outings. Each counselor has years of experience driving children and has transported kiddos for preschool or summer camp in the past! They are licensed, insured and have reliable cars to transport your children around this summer. 

Why choose us?

This camp is such a special and unique experience for your children to have. We are very experienced and passionate carers who value the learning journey of children. This camp allows kids to have quality attention from staff and socialization with other children while enjoying enriching adventures.

How will my little nap in the full day program?

Napping will happen on the go! We will have a car that is assigned to nappers so that the car ride is quiet with lullaby music happening. Some adventures will allow a tent nap! 

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