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Summer in the Forest

Come join us for a fun-filled ten weeks in the Forest and around our beautiful area! 

Learn more about the specific weeks, adventures and morning lessons on our program page

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Our program runs from June 26-August 30th. 

Drop off is from 8:30 - 9 am and pick-up is between 12:15 and 12:30 for morning only campers and 4:30 and 5 for full day campers. 


Morning Options & Costs

Monday-Friday: $225/week

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: $145/week

Tuesday/Thursday: $100/week

These tuition prices reflect the base cost of the program. We offer a sliding scale and scholarship funding on a needs-based honor system. Please reach out if you'd feel more comfortable contributing assisted tuition (10% less than the above price), contributing tuition (10% more to support other families and our accessibility mission) or are in need of a fuller scholarship.

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Full Day Options & Costs

Monday-Friday: $500/week

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: $350/week

Tuesday/Thursday: $250/week

These prices are for full summer campers. If you choose to only do weekly enrollment, we only allow full week campers to join us full day and the cost of that would be $550/week. 

Tuition covers:

food, summer shirts, gas to and from adventures, adventure admission, staff for a 1:4 teacher to student ratio, crafts, fun adventures brought to us, supplies and super fun materials. 

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