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Our Program

We are so excited to offer ten fun filled weeks to our cubs! Below is a simple breakdown of each week's theme that includes the daily craft, activity, and adventure.

We have programs at both Infinity Farm in Issaquah and Lakemont Park in Bellevue, Wa.

Each program will have two classrooms, Teddies and Grizzlies. The Teddies are 2-4 and the Grizzlies are 5-7. 

This schedule is tentative to change in the case of adventuring closures or weather. 

Week 1: Animals 

June 26 -June 28

Learning Objective for Teddies: Learn how to safely interact with animals. Learn about habitats and their conservation. 

Learning Objectives for Grizzlies: Developing a gratitude for the animals we live with and an understanding of how to better take care of them. Learn about habitats and their conservation. 

Wednesday- Animal Food 

  • AM Activity: Edible Plants Chat & Craft (Talking about the Farm animals/Lakemont wildlife food)

  • Adventure: Sammamish Animal Sanctuary 

Thursday:​ Our Animals

  • AM Activity: Trail Safety & Animal Kindness 

  • Adventure: Cougar Mountain Zoo

Friday: Animals in the World 

  • AM Activity: Trash Walk Game (talk to the kids about why it's important we clean our trails & park) 

  • Adventure: Seattle Zoo 

Week 2: Get Soaked- Water Week!

July 1st- July 3rd


Learning Objectives for Teddies: Learn about water conservation and what we can do to prevent pollution. 

Learning Objectives for Grizzlies: Identify ways that we can contribute towards water conservation, different ways to enjoy water and the many different ways water appears in our daily life! 

Monday: Water Life 

  • AM Activity: "What's Below" 

  • Driving Adventure: Canoe Time at Timberlake Park 

Tuesday:Water as a Home 

  • AM Activity: Trash Monsters

  • Adventure: Lake Sammamish Beach Park: Spend some time cleaning up the beach & then enjoying the sand and shallow water! 

Wednesday: Our Part 

  • AM Activity: Trash Cleanup! 

  • Adventure: Carkeek Beach Cleanup and Tidepools

Week 3: Art

July 8th - July 12th

Learning Objectives for Teddies: Exploring the differences between artistic mediums and learning how to use them to create art. 

Learning Objectives for Grizzlies: Learning about individual artists and recognizing differences between artistic styles and mediums. (grasping the difference between art made from paint, watercolor, oil, clay, metal, sculpture, crayons, etc.)

Monday: Art with Paints

  • ​Craft: Make Play-dough & Gak

  • Adventure: Mudhouse Pottery Painting 

Tuesday: Sculpting Art

  • Craft: Painting & Sculpting with Natural Materials 

  • Adventure: KidsQuest Children's Museum 

Wednesday: Move our Bodies! 

  • Activity:  Chalk Paint

  • Adventure: Dizzy Bus Comes to Us (Stay Put Day) 

Thursday: Fairy Fun

  • AM Activity: Leaf Rubbings 

  • Adventure: Fairy Trail at Lewis Creek Park (walking adventure)

Friday: Messy Art

  • AM Activity: Handprint art
  • Adventure: MESSY ART DAY! (This has been a camper favorite!) (Stay Put Day) 

Week 4: Farm to Fork!

July 15th - July 19th


Learning Objectives for Teddies: Identifying many types of fruits, vegetables & herbs and understanding how they grow!

Learning Objectives for Grizzlies: Identifying many types of fruits, vegetables & herbs and understanding how to grow them, care for them, and harvest them, and eat them!

Monday: Flower Day

  • AM Activity: Wildflower Walk

  • Adventure: Bellagio's Backyard Farm 

Tuesday: Garden

  • AM Activity: Gardening

  • Adventure: Strawberry & Raspberry Picking in Carnation 

Wednesday: Bunny Day

  • AM Activity: Carrot Counting craft

  • Adventure: Travel to Oxbow Farm to pick our produce for the upcoming week and frolic through flower fields! Children can pick some and take them home to share with families.

Thursday: Cow Day  

  • AM Activity: Farm Box Craft

  • Park Adventure: Make our own Garden

  • Driving Adventure: Infinity Farm to visit Ginger & Friends!

Friday: Alpaca Day

  • AM Activity: Sunflower Paintings & Chicken Day 

  • Adventure: Cascade Rose Alpacas

Week 5: Colors in Nature Week! 

July 22nd - July 26th

Learning Objectives for Teddies: Develop an understanding of where food comes from and how we can show gratitude for what we have. Make observations about colors in nature! 

Learning Objectives for Grizzlies: Understanding how plants make their way to our plate and developing a gratitude towards the people who grow them. Recognizing the importance of less food waste and learning how to do our part to clean our plate! 

Monday: Red & Blue 

  • AM Activity: Big Red Strawberry Craft

  • Adventure: Blueberry Picking at Henna Farms

Tuesday: Yellow & Pink 

  • AM Activity: Color Mixing Lab

  • Adventure: Making our own Lemonade Stand and offering it to Farmers and families at the farm/park (Stay put day). 

Wednesday: Primary Colors

  • Craft: Color Mixing Lab 

  • Afternoon Adventure: Kidsquest

Thursday: Brown & Green 

  • AM Activity: Worms & Dirt! Special Activity & Snack to learn about how important worms are!

  • Driving Adventure: Wiggle Works 

Friday: ​White, Grey & Black 

  • AM Activity: Wallaby Craft 

  • Adventure: Fall City Wallaby Ranch 

Week 6: Science

July 29- August 2nd 


Learning Objectives for Teddies: Introduction to many fields in science and math, increase observational skills and scientific vocabulary.

Learning Objectives for Grizzlies: Learn about different branches of science. Increase scientific vocabulary, understand what an experiment is and how to conduct one. 

Monday: Scientists

  • AM Craft/Activity: Kidsquest Science Lab Comes to us! 

  • Adventure: Early Leave for Pacific Science Center

Tuesday: Animals

  • AM Activity : Build a birdhouse for our birdies!

  • Adventure: Reptile Zoo

Wednesday:​ Water

  • AM Activity: Nature Yoga & Creek Observations 

  • Adventure: Splash Park 

Thursday:​ Bugs

  • AM Activity: Bug Jar & Boxes

  • Adventure: Bug Hunt with Bug Boxes

Friday: Dinosaurs 

  • AM Activity: Chalk Painting & Music Teacher 

  • Adventure: Deane's Children Park 

Week 7:  On The Go! 

August 5th - August 9th


Learning Objectives for Teddies: Understand how many types of transportation works and start to learn about distances and timing.

Learning Objectives for Grizzlies: Understand concepts of sinking and floating and be able to predict whether something will sink or float. Understand how cars and trains move. Have an understanding of pollution from transportation.

Monday: Gnome Trail - Walking Feet

  • AM Craft/Activity: Making our own Ceramic Gnomes! 

  • Adventure: Gnome Trail in Maple Valley 

Tuesday: Car Day - By Road 

  • AM Craft/Activity: Derby Car Designs 

  • Adventure: Derby Car Ramps & Building [Stay Put Day]

Wednesday:​ Canoe - By Water!

  • Morning Activity: Natural Boats- Sink or Float Experiment

  • Adventure: Kayaking in the Washington Arboretum Wetland Trails 

Thursday:​ Plane Day - By Air!

  • AM Activity: Paper Planes!

  • Adventure: Design Bottle Rockets & shoot them off at Lewis creek Park (Walking Adventure)

Friday: Train Depot - By Tracks 

  • Morning Activity: Make a train out of cardboard boxes

  • Adventure: Train Museum 

Week 8: Adventure Week

August 12th-August 16th

Monday: Bob's Sunflower Field 

  • Full Day adventure to Bob's Sunflower field 

  • Tuesday: Point Defiance Zoo 

  • Full Day Activity to Point Defiance Zoo 

Wednesday: Remlinger Farm  

  • Full Day Adventure to Remlinger Farm 

Thursday: Wild Waves

  • Full Day Adventure to Wild Waves 

Friday: Rock Hounding

  • Full Day Adventures to Rock Hound! (Digging for our own special rocks) 

Week 9: Nature Week (Stay Put Week) 

August 19th- August 23rd

Learning Objectives for Teddies: Increase nature vocabulary, explore nature with senses (emphasizing touch and smell)

Learning Objectives for Grizzlies: Identify a few species in our park, understand that plants are alive and how we can take better care of them! 

Learning Objectives for Sunnies: Identify plant species in the park through their leaves, cones, and bark. Understand that plants are alive and identify some of the benefits they provide us.  

Monday- Lewis Creek Park 

  • AM Craft/Activity: Tree Craft: Kinds of Berries!

  • Adventure: Lewis Creek Park Trek 

Tuesday- Walk through the Woods

  • Craft: Number/Letter Rocks

  • Park Adventure: Nature Walk with Scavenger Hunts & a "Bear Hunt"

Wednesday- Trees in the Park 

  • Craft: Acorn Sculptures & Season Experiment 

  • Park Adventure: Clay Imprints on Natural Materials 

Thursday- Let's Get Silly

  • AM Activity: Acorn Bouquet

  • Park Adventure: Ranger Chat

Friday- Animals to Us

  • AM Activity: Barnyard Dance

  • Park: Learn about and play with Ducks, Chickens & Bunnies (They'll come in to us.) 

Week 10: 5 Senses Week (Stay Put Week)

August 26 - August 30th 
Learning Objectives for Teddies: Increasing early literacy skills and foster a curiosity and appreciation of books! 
Learning Objectives for Grizzlies: Encourage a love of reading and story telling, while furthering literacy skills! 

Learning Objectives for Sunnies: Learn about different book genres and the difference between fiction and non-fiction. Further literacy skills and foster a love of reading. 

Monday: Touch

  • AM Activity: Wonder Walkers 

  • Adventure: Sensory Nature Walk

Tuesday: Sight

  • AM Activity: Color mixing activity

  • Adventure: Messy Art in the Park! 

Wednesday: Taste

  • AM Activity: silly snack

  • Adventure: Make healthy snacks! Go to Town & Country Market to collect ingredients

Thursday: Smell 

  • AM Activity: sensory investigation

  • Park Adventure: Make sensory bins - water, sand, and slime

  • Friday: Sound

  • AM Activity: Birding walk! Observe the sounds of the forest

  • Driving & Park Adventure: KidsQuest Lab to us

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