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Curious Cub Adventure Camp Welcomes You

Let's learn about the world around us together!

Curious Cub Adventure Camp is a unique Summer Camp that empowers campers to grow and develop as they discover new skills and interests on the go! It strives to create a safe, experience-rich environment that will lead to incredible adventures and endless memories.

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All About Us

Everyone Needs to Be Outside!

Grow with us as we start our journey to get kids learning and engaged with our beautiful PNW! Our summer camp has been such a success and watching these learn and grow by adventures on the go has been the most rewarding thing! Most summer camps are aimed at getting older school aged children interested in the outdoors, but we believe that children from a very young age should be encouraged to learn about their surroundings. Our ideal curious cub would be between the ages of two and seven years old and ready to trek all around the Eastside, with occasional trips to Seattle. 


We offer an incredible variety of programs and activities and qualified staff who are committed and enthused to facilitate an exciting and safe summer for our cubs. Visit the other sections of this website to learn more specifics about daily structure, pricing, and our leaders! We're so delighted to wander around with your cubs this summer!


Contact Us

For more information about Curious Cubs Adventure Camp, our programs, activities, staff and more, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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